We are four mates, with a passion for good food and good coffee.

Bertrand Devilder 30 yo, with a background in arts, he has a strong focus on aesthetics. He enjoys a good espresso, focus on good coffee and has some strong latte art skills (we call him the Picasso of the coffee). Bertrand is another Frenchie who set down in Brussels, coming from the famous surfing spot, Hossegor, he doesn’t know how to surf, but surely knows how to serve a good coffee. His nickname is shrimp, just don’t look further into it 🙂 !

ChloĂ© Sengier 29 yo, she has always worked in the hospitality industry since she is 15yo. She lived in Australia for four years where she completed a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication at UTS. She has a strong focus on foodporn and social media. She is a kind of crazy dogs lover and knows better than anyone how to spread Vegemite on a toast! If you don’t like the decoration, blame it on her! She is usually in the kitchen with ValĂ©rien, and always likes to add an edible flower on a plate!

Boris Hazaer 27 yo, graduated in applied communication. He always had a huge interest in food and services. He spends his week between headhunting and doing boring admin stuff  and pooring one of the best coffee in town @cremebrussels. Hockey player, don’t look after him on Sunday, he won’t be there!

ValĂ©rien Garcia 29 yo, Bertrand’s BF, they spent their childhood growing up together in Hossegor, South-West of France. They moved to Brussels because they thought girls were prettier here (which is quite true) and can’t spend a minute without joking around. He used to be in the army and then he realized food and coffee was sexier! He is now the chef behind the menu. You’ll know it’s mean quite fast, most of the girls fall for him!